Colback Nonwovens

Functional Layers for Face Masks

Colback non woven fabric for face masks

The Colback non-woven product range includes multiple types answering to the needs of different masks from face mask filter in non-medical face masks to reinforcement & stiffness layer in multi-layered face masks.

Respirator masks and (non-medical) face masks benefit from Colback contributing to stability, breathability and comfort. Manufacturers profit from Colback fabrics product features to enable smooth industrial processes. 

Colback spunbond nonwovens filter for non medical face mask final 1


Non-medical face masks are a basic means to protect fellow citizens from getting infected and have been made increasingly mandatory in public spaces. Filter effectiveness and breathability are key features. Colback is a support layer with built-in filtration capacities of up to 50% at 0.3 micron particles and comes with a hydrophobic surface. Its high air permeability promotes breathability and comfort.
Colback can be stitched or laminated into 3 layered disposable face masks or can be offered as separate inlays for face mask pockets.

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Colback spunbond nonwovens multilayer face mask reinforcement inlay


A multi-layered face mask needs a reinforcing inlay layer to introduce stability with minimal loss of breathability. Colback spunbond non woven fabrics combine an open structure and high stiffness to one light-weight product. Masks reinforced by Colback will keep their shape when wearing, and contribute to comfortable breathing. Colback nonwoven fabrics features a unique bi-component yarn with a polyester core for strength and a polypropylene sheath which connects extremely well to other layers by means of ultrasonic welding.

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Colback Spunbond Nonwovens molded respirator facemasks molding shape test


Molded mouth piece cups for respirators form the base layer and support for the upper functional layers and breathing valve. Colback allows for deep drawing at low temperatures with predictable and efficient molding processes. Keeping its important dimensional stability after molding. Punching comes without fraying. Colback spunbond nonwoven fabrics that are especially suitable for molding mouth piece cups are of a much lighter weight and thickness compared to more traditional nonwoven materials. This improves both comfort and breathability of the final product.

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Product benefits:

  • High air permeability/breathability
  • Superior stiffness and dimensional stability
  • Lightweight and thin
Manufacturing Advantages

Colback is extremely suitable for manufacturing processes such as
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