Non-woven Filter material for HVAC filters

HVAC Pannel filters

The versatile, reliable material for pleated HVAC filters

Colback Nonwoven filter media is the ideal HVAC filter material: supporting your high-performance melt-blown layer, improving filtration efficiency & performance of air conditioning filters & helping keep indoor air cleaner for longer

+ Flame retardant + Easy Bonding + Improved dust holding capacity
+ Easy to Handle + Easy to pleat + Improved filtration efficiency


Nonwoven filter media for Air purifier Combi Filters, cabin air filters, hvac filters, colback nonwovens pleated

Highly Pleatable Filter material

The Colback range of non-woven filter media is designed for the quick, easy production of stiff, efficient pleats.

The material is used to create mini pleats ranging from 1cm to 10cm for high-performing v-shaped HVAC panel filters.

Examples of Non-wovens for Lamination & bonding process, Colback Nonwovens

IDEAL FOR BONDING with melt-blown layer

Melt-blown non-woven layers are used in filters for very fine filtration, to remove even the smallest harmful particles from air indoors.

Colback nonwoven filter material is bonded as a support layer to provide extra stiffness and integrity to the air conditioning filter.


Colback nonwoven fabric filter media for HVAC filters, HEPA filters, Air conditioning filters

Colback is extremely easy to process as a filtration support layer.

You’ll find the handling is very similar to paper – you buy it on a roll, it doesn’t wrinkle, and it’s simple to fold and pleat.

Whatever the size and shape of your HVAC panel filters, it’s the ideal backing material.

Colback Nonwovens Filter Media low presure drop for HVAC filters, cabin air filters, HEPA filters


With its open structure, Colback nonwoven material gives filters optimum airflow with low pressure drop.

It also offers exceptional dimensional stability at high temperatures. These qualities add up to superb filtration performance and outstanding energy efficiency for air conditioner & other HVAC filters.

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Colback Plus is a pleatable medium with a built-in filtration capacity layer for use as a carrier in the manufacturing of cabin air, room air, HVAC and Industrial air filters.

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As a pre-filter, support, drainage or protection layer, Colback nonwoven fabrics offer rigidity, air permeability and dimensional stability.



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