Nonwoven filter media:
Raising the bar with Colback non-woven fabrics

Filter producers around the world are constantly on the lookout for filter media to help them further optimize the filtration performance of their products. The properties which all Colback variants share, have proven the ideal starting point for the development of a range of pleatable spunbond fabrics specifically designed to meet the needs of this industry.

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Today, Colback is among the most popular nonwoven filter media. The spunbond fabric provides excellent pleatability. It includes a filtration layer and serves as a carrier in the production of cabin, room air and HVAC filters. Colback delivers a significant contribution to filter efficiency. The nonwoven filter medium ensures high air permeability and optimal stiffness of pleats. Colback is the result of a unique production technology. Its unique bi-component filaments are thermally bonded to form the finished fabric. Therefore this nonwoven filter medium is glue-free.

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Nonwoven filter media, which form part of the Colback portfolio provide excellent dimensional pleat stability and bonding to meltblown filter layers. The micro fiber layer of Colback protects the actual fine filter layer from rapid clogging. The nonwoven also slows down the built-up of pressure in the filter element. This is a major factor for an extended lifetime of the finished product. Applied as a carrier, Colback enhances the stiffness of pocket filters. And it improves the pleatability of panel filters. Colback nonwovens can also be used as a stand-alone filter or pre-filter. This additional feature allows the design of multilayer filters.

Exhaust Filter, Cabin Air FIlter, HVAC Filter, Car Air Filters, Air Filter, made with Colback Nonwovnes


Colback spunbond fabrics unite a variety of features, which make them the ideal nonwoven filter medium. Examples include:

  • High filtration efficiency combined with exceptional air permeability
  • Easy to pleat up to 5 cm pleat height
  • High pleat stiffness and dimensional stability
  • Reduces filter pressure drop and improves dust loading performance
  • Fully incinerable
  • Glue free
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Colback Plus is a pleatable medium with a built-in filtration capacity layer for use as a carrier in the manufacturing of cabin air, room air, HVAC and Industrial air filters.

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