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Anyone who is involved in developing creative interior design and decorative products is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to enrich existing and future collections. Thanks to its unique visual appearance, processing behavior and mechanical properties, Colback is enjoying growing popularity among designers of all kinds.

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Decorative Fabrics for Creative Applications

Nonwoven fabrics, which form part of the Colback product range are available in a large number of different styles. The portfolio includes product variants with different weights and yarn textures. Fabrics including colored or structured yarns as well as nonwovens containing inlays are also available.

All Colback types are simple to process e.g. dye, pleat, mold, print on as well as cut. As such, the fabrics are suitable for use in an endless array of new product designs.

Decorative fabrics examples
Examples of applications using Colback
  • Wall Covering
  • Table Decoration
  • Window Blinds
  • Flower Wrapping
  • Furniture
  • Individual interior design elements

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Endless Applications Endless Possibilities

All Colback nonwovens are based on a highly flexible two-step production technology. It involves spinning endless bi-component filaments followed by a special laying-down and bonding technique to form the finished fabric. Colback features a unique circular yarn pattern.

The product range includes fabrics made from recycled materials as well as composite products with inlays or structured yarns to provide specific functionalities. New product types are constantly being added following in-depth research and development work often executed in close collaboration with clients.

Key Benefits

  • Provides exceptional design flexibility
  • Easy to handle, dye, coat, laminate, pleat, mold, print on and cut
  • Supports process efficiency

Key Features

  • Thermally bonded (i.e. no chemical binder)
  • Unique aesthetic pattern
  • Excellent strength and tear resistance
  • Isotropic and stiff fabric
  • Inserts possible for specific functionalities
  • Translucent
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