Colback Solutions making strides to supply key component for face masks
COVID-19 Update

The demand for face masks that are suitable for medical environments or regular use is stretched worldwide. Governments and industries are looking to start up or increase local production so they can supply the volumes required by health care institutions and people in general and they are looking for partners to support this achievement. Colback Solutions with our Colback Nonwovens is proud to be one of those partners.

The two most commonly used masks in healthcare are surgery masks and respirators. Extensive tests have been conducted during the past few weeks and are ongoing, showing results that indicate Colback can be used in both systems. These tests were conducted in close collaboration with external partners.


Reinforcement and cups
Colback nonwovens are a range of spunbond technical textiles with unique features adding quality to both the masks themselves and to manufacturing processes. As a reinforcing inlay layer in a multilayered face mask, Colback improves the stability of the mask and makes sure it maintains its shape during service life.

Cup shaped respirators benefit from Colback’s outstanding moldability even at light weight. Including Colback, these respirators will typically weigh less than average cup shaped respirators and therefore be more comfortable to wear. In all cases Colback’s high air permeability will contribute to better breathability and comfort.


Manufacturing benefits
Provision of the best solutions demands a thorough understanding of the need of the customer and of our products. Colback nonwovens have a long history in a variety of industries including the filtration industry. Easy processing and constant quality are important reasons for choosing Colback.Example of Face Mask, Use Colback nonwoven material for stiffness support and efficient FFP2 face mask production

For the success of Colback in face masks we closely collaborate with industry partners globally and relevant institutions. Specific features that make Colback most suitable for face masks are its excellent pleatability and moldability. It easy to cut and punch without any fraying and also easy to sew or laminate.

Colback features a unique bi-component yarn with a polyester core for strength and a polypropylene sheath which connects extremely well to other filter layers by means of ultrasonic welding.

We are also investigating the option of Colback Plus to replace one or two of the outer meltblown layers of the multilayered face masks.


Stay tuned for more updates on our developments in the coming weeks.

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