Icons of Arnhem

Art on Colback nonwoven canvas by Dorota Roszkowska

We like to say Colback’s possibilities are endless. We witnessed the very truth of this statement when artist Dorota Roszkowska presented a stunning piece of art to us, made on Colback nonwoven. Managing Director Colbond EMEA Monique Buch, was delighted when Dorota personally handed over her work at our Arnhem office in the Netherlands, where it will be given a prominent place

Icons of Arnhem- painting by artist Dorota Roszkowska originally created on Colback nonwoven fabricsDorota Roszkowska (artist) presenting the icons of Arnhem artwork to Monique Buch (Regional Director Colbond EMEA) at the Low & B

Besides being beautiful to the eye, her work also pleases the ear. Dorota Roszkowska makes functional art. Her Colback artwork is attached to a special acoustic board, and greatly improves the acoustic values of the surrounding area. Arnhem-based Dorota developed the concept three years ago, when her discovery of Colback nonwoven and a request to create acoustic art came together. She immediately fell in love with the Colback material, because of its structure, shine and lightness. And, beneficially so, it transmits sound very well.

“For this particular work, I used a combination of painting, drawing and printing”, Dorota explains. “The first layer consists of printed graphics, based on photography. In this work, all blue parts are actually printed. Then I turn to black acrylic paint and pencils, to highlight contours and add depth. Thinly, because the Colback material needs to stay open as much as possible to maintain the acoustic benefits of the board to which it is attached”, she concludes.

The work we see is part of a series in development, called ‘Arnhemse Iconen’, or ‘Icons of Arnhem’, bringing together all kinds of buildings or areas that are marking the city. It’s art ‘Made in Arnhem’, in every respect.


Are you interested in seeing more of her work on Colback, and the different themes explored? Simply visit her website at doroART.


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