Primary backing for car mats

A key demand for optional mats is that they lie flat and stay flat during their service life even though exposed to heavy use. The primary backing for tufting plays a critical role in delivering the required properties.

Thanks to their particularly high stability, Colback non-wovens prevent bowing and curling. Colback facilitates a strong tuft bind and abrasion resistance of the finished mat. Colback’s excellent tear strength and tufting characteristics mean that the same high performance can often be achieved with a lower weight primary backing.

Car mats with Nonwoven Primary carpet Backing Colback Nonwovnes

Key Features

• Thermally bonded open filament structure
• Homogeneous filament distribution and high bonding quality
• Excellent dimensional and thermal stability
• High rigidity
• Consistent high performance from roll to roll and batch to batch
• Grades with up to 100% recycled content available

Primary backing for car mats featurs resistance to deformantion Colback Nonwoven Comparison Nonwovens PET, Woven PP

Key Benefits

• Contributes to process stability during tufting and pre-coating
• Supports consistent appearance of the face yarn
• Provides outstanding stitch holding
• Facilitates optimal penetration with latex: results in high pile anchoring and abrasion resistance
• Provides increased stiffness of the finished car mat
• Helps car mats stay flat

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