Nonwoven Cabin air filter media

ENHANCING PERFORMANCE IN Cabin air combi filters with Colback Nonwoven Fabrics
Produce air filters with sharper pleats, higher air permeability and excellent dimensional stability.

Colback nonwoven fabric filter media for cabin air filters

+ Effective Support Layer + Sharp Pleats + Prevents pressure drops and low air permeability
Filter Media Easy to Pleat Nonwoven Colback Nonwovens cabin air filter material HVAC filters, air purifier filters

Low Pressure drop

Colback’s open structure means high air flow and low pressure drop, giving you superior filtration efficiency.

Dust, pollen, other airborne materials and gases remain outside the vehicle, maintaining clean air throughout the interior.

a cabin air filter combi filter, carrier with clean pleats easy to make with Colback nonwoven fabrics


Even though Colback nonwoven filter material’s polyester backing has an open structure, it offers very high density.

So when you use it as a support media in cabin air filters (combi filters), any carbon particles remain inside the filter.

A white nonwoven Filter media material fabric for all filter types HVAC HEPA Combi filters Air filter media Nonwoven Colback


Even at very high temperatures, Colback nonwoven filter media retains its shape and integrity.

We test it up to 80° Celsius, so you know it will continue to perform – supporting highly effective filtration – in even the most demanding automotive applications.

Filter Media carrier and pre-filter home appliances filter HVAC filters combi filters air filters Colback Nonwovens

Easy to process

As well as performing efficiently as a filtration backing layer, Colback nonwoven fabrics are extremely easy to work with.

Even though it’s a non-woven material, it handles just like paper – supplied on a roll, it doesn’t wrinkle and makes folding and pleating very quick and straightforward.

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Colback Plus is a pleatable medium with a built-in filtration capacity layer for use as a carrier in the manufacturing of cabin air, room air, HVAC and Industrial air filters.

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As a pre-filter, support, drainage or protection layer, Colback nonwoven fabrics offer rigidity, air permeability and dimensional stability.



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