Nonwoven HEPA filter media

for Air purifier HEPA filters


Colback enhances the effectiveness of air purifier filters, ensuring clean indoor air.

+ Sharper pleats + Low pressure drop
                          + Adaptability to specific needs + No VOC emissions
Filter Media Easy to Pleat Nonwoven Colback Nonwovens cabin air filter material HVAC filters, air purifier filters

Sharper pleats

Colback nonwoven fabrics help achieve much sharper, stiffer pleats than conventional spunbond support.

The fabrics non-woven structure makes it very easy to handle the HEPA filter media. Due to this which folding and pleating HEPA filters is extremely quick and straightforward.

Nonwoven filter media for Air purifier Combi Filters, cabin air filters, hvac filters, colback nonwovens pleated

Adaptability to specific needs

With Colback HEPA filter media, you can improve filtration efficiency through electrostatic charging.

The material is also highly suitable for anti-microbial or anti-allergy treatment.

Plus, you can dye it for different visual effects, and add extra fire retardance properties.

Filter Media carrier and pre-filter home appliances filter HVAC filters combi filters air filters Colback Nonwovens

Low pressure drop

Due to its open structure, Colbacks range of nonwoven filter media materials enable high air flow and low pressure drop, giving you outstanding filtration performance.

With our non-woven material in your air purifier HEPA filters, levels of dust, pollen, allergens and other airborne contaminants are significantly reduced.

Colback nonwoven fabric fibres to roll customizable to your requirements

No VOC emissions

Unlike filtration layers that use a wetlaid process, Colback synthetic non-woven fabrics don’t use chemical glues or binders – which are known to emit VOCs (including formaldehyde) when heated.

Instead, our products use polymer binding – which helps the Air purifier HEPA filters reduce air contamination rather than add to it.

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Colback Plus is a pleatable medium with a built-in filtration capacity layer for use as a carrier in the manufacturing of cabin air, room air, HVAC and Industrial air filters.

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As a pre-filter, support, drainage or protection layer, Colback nonwoven fabrics offer rigidity, air permeability and dimensional stability.



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